Dag is a Scandinavian word derived from the Old Norse dagr, meaning "day" ,
Dai is derived from the Old Celtic word dei meaning "to shine", cooperatively it means to commence your day to shine. The combination of both is represented as DAG DAI.
Dag Dai is a fashion brand with sustainable approach with hand weaved sustainable fabrics from our own looms and exploring dumped waste from export houses for UP-CYCLING. Dag Dai focuses on the daily struggle to keep up with the fashion trends , in this fast paced world. To fight this issue “DAG DAI”, enables a person to alter the aesthetics' of a garment as per situation and comfort. Based on déjà vu, it has come up with different design ideas ,motifs and worked on surface development of the product. A true essence of highly handcrafted technique with deep research ideas and market definition. All products are true class by itself and made in the private designer studio keeping the quality and feel alive.


Bengal Ambuja Upohar

C2-1301, Floor 13

Kolkata, 700 094


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FAST  DELIVERY with low carbon footprint

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